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When it comes to driving safely on the road, never underestimate the importance of having your wheels aligned correctly. It doesn’t take much to ruin the alignment of your wheels, with something as simple as hitting a pothole or the curb has the potential to cause issues with your handling and performance. 

Having unaligned wheels can often result in suspension and tyre wear, much earlier than you should be experiencing them. Because of this, it is important to get your wheels realigned rather than letting the issue get worse, costing you more money in the long run.

A wheel alignment service involves expert technicians measuring, analysing and adjusting the steering and suspension of your vehicle, fixing the angles so that the wheels sit exactly as they should in relation to the ground and each other. At Underwood Auto Repairs, we have the experience and equipment to properly diagnose and repair any tyre alignment issues.

We recommend bringing your vehicle in for a service or repairs if you notice: 

  • your vehicle is drifting to the left or right on straight roads
  • The steering wheel is noisier than usual or not aligning straight
  • You are experiencing uneven wear of your tyres
  • Your vehicle is ‘pulling’ to one side of the road. 

It is also best to have your wheels checked for proper alignment every 10,000 kms driven, keeping you safe on the road.

Whether you are in need of brand new tyres or a straightforward car alignment, members of the Underwood Auto Repairs team are here to help get your vehicle back to its best.

We Are Wheel Alignment Specialists

The quality of your tyres makes a big difference as to how well your car drives, so it is important that you choose the right set and have the tyres positioned properly, considering the roads you will be travelling on, your driving habits and the type of car you own.

When your alignment settings are optimal, your vehicle is more predictable for you as the driver. Drives will be far more comfortable and smooth without your car pulling in another direction or vibrating. Without optimal wheel alignment, you may face resistance when turning your steering wheel, making your drive far more difficult than it should be.

Whether you are driving a front, rear or four-wheel drive vehicle, proper wheel alignment can only be achieved through expert mechanics with the right equipment, able to deliver a professional service. Both front and rear wheels benefit significantly from a wheel alignment, improving your fuel economy, as the engine will not have to work as hard.

A good wheel alignment service isn’t just about checking your wheels. Ultimately, the service is about the quality of your handling and steering on the road. Suspension and steering go hand-in-hand, so when we adjust your wheel alignment, we are sure to check your ride height and the quality of your suspension system. With all these parts checked and serviced, you will be ready to get back on the road.

Let Us Take Care of Your Wheel Alignment Service

At Underwood Auto Repairs, we take great pride in delivering a professional service, every time. For the last twenty years, our mission has been to keep our customers satisfied with affordable prices without compromising on the quality of our work.

We know that replacing your worn tyres isn’t always the solution to your handling issues, which is why we take the tome to properly diagnose the problem. Tyre wear can often be an indicator of further concerns, which means that if you simply replace the tyres, you might be buying a new set sooner than you need. It is always best to find the cause of an issue and fix it, so that you won’t be repeatedly paying for unnecessary repairs. When it comes to worn tires, this issue is often incorrect wheel alignment.

If you suspect that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service to get back to its best, the Underwood Auto Repairs team is here to help. Give us a call on (07) 3290 1110, or complete our online booking form today.

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