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Underwood Auto Repairs
(07) 3290 1110

A log book service is an essential part of making sure your car is running smoothly and is invaluable in preventing car troubles in the future.

In need of a car service? Brisbane residents know that we’re the ones to call.

Underwood Auto Repairs uses the latest car service and diagnostic tools to make sure we complete your car’s logbook servicing with total efficiency and thoroughness. In addition, we’ll get you back on the road fast, with everything tuned to your vehicle’s specific needs for peace of mind while driving.

Getting your logbook service done at Underwood Auto Repairs does not interfere with your manufacturer’s warranty, therefore, you can have peace of mind that your warranty is intact and know that all services are carried out with utmost care.

In addition, we use only the best-quality parts, oils and other materials in our auto services, and every single one of our technicians are kept up to date with the latest information and techniques, as well as following a strict checklist for maximum vehicle safety. 

For your convenience we also have a loan car that can be pre-booked, so you never need to be stranded even while your auto service is underway. 

For the highest quality car service Underwood residents know and trust, contact Underwood Auto Repairs today!

For a log book service, you can call us on (07) 3290 1110, or send us a message using our contact form for a car service quote. Additionally, you can request an appointment online, just head to our bookings page

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Underwood Auto Repairs
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